Bali Serenity Massage
Bali Serenity Massage
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🌺Balinese Massage 
(duration 60/90/120 mins) 
is a deep tissue massage uses a combination of gentle stretches and  acupressure to stimulate the flow of the blood and good to calms the nervous system. 
🌺Thai massage 
(duration 60/90/120 mins) 
A massage combining of acupressure techniques and stretching ( assisted yoga postures) to relax the whole body 
🌺Lomi Lomi
( duration 60/90/120 mins) 
Performed using hands and forearms with long, continuous and rhythmic strokes to encourage the flow of energy through the body. 
( duration 60/90/120 mins ) 
An Indian relaxing massage with herbal oil to create balance among the mind, body, spirit and help the body heal itself
( duration 30/60 / 90 mins) 
A pressure point massage specific on the feet area that the points correspond to internal organs and areas of the body
🌺Lymphatic drainage 
( duration 60/90 mins) 
A gentle massage that encourages the drainage of lymph nodes and movement of lymph fluids around the body 
🌺Anti cellulite massage 
(duration 60/90 mins) 
A powerful massage with special techniques that concertrate by breaking down the underlying fat in the areas affected by cellulite 
🌺4 hands 
( duration 60/90 mins ) 
Performed by 2 therapists with synchronized techniques massage movements which increases the level of muscle relaxation.
🌺Chi balance 
(duration 60/90 mins) 
A gentle massage focusing on clarity, peace of mind and to balance energy flow ( Yin and Yang). This massage begins with Tibetan singing bowl performance. 
🌺Chakra Dhara
(duration 60/90 mins) 
A relaxing and spiritual massage with warm herbal oil, gemstones and Chakra sound healing to deeply nourish and soothe mind, body and spirit. 
🌺Sport massage ( duration 60/90/120 mins) 
🌺Pregnant massage ( duration 60/90 mins ) 
🌺Hot stone ( duration 60/90 mins)
🌺 Pressotherapy
🌺 Body scrub ( duration 50 mins) 
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